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Bad Azz Offense

Posted on: October 14, 2009 1:54 pm
I will be adding to this until completed. This is the Bad Azz Offense blog.

In the current scheme of things I think the best schemes out there right now are still the Leach passing spread and the Urban spread coupled with some Guz Malzahn mix.

I liked the idea of the Wildcat look with Murray or Brown getting the ball. Be nice to work on a pass play for them!

Anyway, here is the Bad Azz offensive scheme.

First lets define the skill set for what our ideal fits are at each spot...

LT - Should have good technique and nimble feet to deal with the speed rushers.

LG - Similar to a RT in that he has to be a solid all-around pass and run blocker. The ability to pull is nice here. So fairly athletic and solid in pass and run blocking.

C - Needs to be strong run blocker, smart football IQ, good at shotgun snap.

RG - Should be strong, thick and capable to pushing back the best run stopping DT's the opposition throws at you.

RT - Needs to be athletic and solid pass and run blocker with enough feet to handle that edge.

TE - (given current Sooners TE situation not so sure I wouldnt just go 4 WR) - the all-around guy. Needs to block as well as be a threat catching the football.

WR- slot- this guy should be shifty, quick, elusive. Ryan Broyles perfect

WR deep threat - this guy should have speed to burn and ability to get free with nice route running or flat out jets.

WR possession guy - used almost like a TE he is the guy likely to lead the team in receptions.

RB - the current duo are a nice set of RB's.

QB - Ideally an accurate guy with high football IQ and enough mobility to be a threat if neglected.

Based on the current talent on the Sooners we have the weapons necessary to run a successful offense.
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