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Bad Azz Offense

I will be adding to this until completed. This is the Bad Azz Offense blog.

In the current scheme of things I think the best schemes out there right now are still the Leach passing spread and the Urban spread coupled with some Guz Malzahn mix.

I liked the idea of the Wildcat look with Murray or Brown getting the ball. Be nice to work on a pass play for them!

Anyway, here is the Bad Azz offensive scheme.

First lets define the skill set for what our ideal fits are at each spot...

LT - Should have good technique and nimble feet to deal with the speed rushers.

LG - Similar to a RT in that he has to be a solid all-around pass and run blocker. The ability to pull is nice here. So fairly athletic and solid in pass and run blocking.

C - Needs to be strong run blocker, smart football IQ, good at shotgun snap.

RG - Should be strong, thick and capable to pushing back the best run stopping DT's the opposition throws at you.

RT - Needs to be athletic and solid pass and run blocker with enough feet to handle that edge.

TE - (given current Sooners TE situation not so sure I wouldnt just go 4 WR) - the all-around guy. Needs to block as well as be a threat catching the football.

WR- slot- this guy should be shifty, quick, elusive. Ryan Broyles perfect

WR deep threat - this guy should have speed to burn and ability to get free with nice route running or flat out jets.

WR possession guy - used almost like a TE he is the guy likely to lead the team in receptions.

RB - the current duo are a nice set of RB's.

QB - Ideally an accurate guy with high football IQ and enough mobility to be a threat if neglected.

Based on the current talent on the Sooners we have the weapons necessary to run a successful offense.
(coming soon)
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Bad Azz Defense

Welcome to my blog!

Here is the Bad Azz Defense. It is a defense I wish the Sooners would convert to.

Following is a position by position analysis of what we would expect from the Bad Azz Defense...

LDT - It all starts with having a stout run defender in the middle of the defense. The prototypical guy here would be 6-1, 325-ish and would be a strong, tough to move anchor who makes it tough for opposing teams to make holes in the DL. DeMarcus Granger would be the current DT most likely to fit this role best. Contenders here would be Cordero Moore, Casey Walker, and JaMarkus McFarland would sit right on the fence at the DT spots. He gets any bigger he could end up in this role. He gets down 10 lbs and quicker he ends up at RDT spot. The LDT lines up directly between the LG and C. He is counted on to require extra attention against the run. In passing situations he goes off the field for a cheeseburger and the RDT slides into this spot. Preferably a backup RDT who is fresh though tough to put McCoy off the field. I think Stacy McGee would be nice alternate here on 3rd and more than 8 situations. In the incoming verbals Torrea Peterson would look like the most likely to end up here.

RDT - This spot is perfect for Gerald McCoy and Adrian Taylor. A slasher who can get penetration and backside tackles to the strongside. Tommie Harris was a great RDT. This guy would like up between the LG and LT and would be counted on to penetrate either between C-LG or LG-LT on given downs (depending on blitzes, RDE, etc?). The backup here would be Taylor with Stacy McGee , and possibly JaMarcus McFarland filling this spot on the depth chart. I am on fence about McFarland. He is right at the size that he could robust out into the LDT or trim down into the RDT. In the incoming verbals Daniel Noble (bulked up off a redshirt) and possibly Torrea Peterson would look the most likely to end up here.

LDE - Should be a little stronger, have good techique against the run, enough athleticism to rush the passer. Sounds like Jeremy Beal or Auston English. With Beal manning this role the depth should come from English (when he isnt on right side which should be half the time, big fan of Alexander!), Pryce Macon, Adrian Taylor (especially against strong running teams), Jarrett Brown (redshirting), and Justin Chaisson (redshirting). With the current talent I would say Macon gets garbage duty action, Beal plays about 65% of the snaps, English about 30% of the snaps, Taylor about 5% of the snaps at the LDE spot. Taylor in goal line situations for sure. Not sure yet whether Chuka Ndulue would go here or RDE until after his redshirt season. This guy would line up directly over the RT and either battle to the edge or between the RG-RT (depending on blitzes, situation).

RDE - Athlete. Quickness, Speed. Ability to get off blocks. English mans it but not sure he is the athlete we want here really. Frank Alexander may be! English is good just not sure he is better fit for my scheme that counts on the RDE to be athletic and quick. Currently Frank would get 60% of these snaps with English getting 25% and King and Washington battling for 15% of them. Tola Jimoh would get garbage time action. This guy would line up wide of the LT and would take an aggressive penetration path either to the wide side or between the LT and LG depending on situation. Sometimes he would stay at home and keep containment to the backside as well of course. Not sure if Ndulue will go here or LDE but with Alexander, King, and Washington for the next few years this isnt a recruiting priority for now. If we can land Jeffcoat I think he may slot better at the LDE spot.

Here is a pic...

                             RT   RG   C   LG   LT
                             LDE     LDT   RDT     RDE

Snap count:

(figuring Granger going to miss year so medical redshirt)

LDT - Taylor 60%, Moore 20%, Walker 15%, McCoy 3%(passing), McGee 2%(passing) - Redshirt-McFarland (too late they didnt redshirt him), Granger
RDT - McCoy 82%, Taylor 12%, McGee 6% -
LDE - Beal 65%, English 30%, Taylor 5%- mop-up: Macon Redshirt- Chaisson, Brown
RDE - Alexander 60%, English 25%, King 9%, Washington 6%-  Mop-up: Jimoh Redshirt - Ndulue.

On to the LB's...

SLB- My defense needs an athletic, high football IQ SLB and I think Travis Lewis fits that bill. We should groom Ronnell Lewis as the heir apparent and those two should pretty much absorb the reps. In the dime this would be the LB I would leave in and have him play MLB in the 4-1-6 with the range to cover the middle of the field or to effectively blitz. Mop-up guys for now would be Daniel Franklin and Erik Lee with Gus Jones redshirting. I think we could see Rashod Favors (2010 verbal) or Tom Wort (MLB?) contend here in the future as well. This SLB has to be solid all-around as he will get some pass coverage duties but must also be strong against the run. The kind of guy who could win Butkus Awards because he will be put in situations to make plays and tackles.

MLB - Ryan Reynolds is almost the perfect LB (if not for the knee woes). Great IQ. Tough. Finds the ball. Just doesnt have the ideal range. Austin Box impressed me early in the season prior to injury. He should get some of the reps here. Jaydan Bird would be the 3rd MLB with Tom Wort redshirting (medical) and Trey Millard (2010 verbal) coming in. The MLB and FS should be the only read and react guys on my defense. Flow to the ball and make plays. Read play action and drop into zone. Simple. Tough, smart football player required. He is gonna line up directly across from the QB about 7 yards off the line give or take 2 yards) and flow to the ball. Sometimes counted on to blitz.

WLB - More of a safety type, similar to Keenan Clayton. A guy with athleticism to get there on backside, delayed blitzes. Coverage ability. Open field ability for the reverse. Clayton would fit my defense well. Backing up in my scheme would be Ibiloye (needs more action). Incoming players that fit this spot would include Aaron Franklin(2010 verbal) and Jarrett Lake(2010 verbal) and possibly Rashod Favors (has size to play SLB possibly). JR Bryant is apparently redshirting so he will contend with Ibiloye for the starting spot next spring. I dont think any of last year's class fit this spot well as they are more natural LB's and this guy is more of a hybrid LB/S.

Snap count:

SLB- Travis Lewis 85%, Ronnell Lewis 15% - mopup- Daniel Franklin, Erik Lee

MLB - Reynolds 75%, Box 25%, Bird 5% and all mopup since redshirt is gone

WLB - Clayton 82%, Ibiloye 15%, R. Lewis 3% (as blitzer). Ibiloye all mop-up in preparation for spring battling with Bryant and incoming class.

In my secondary I would setup my corners more like the NFL does..,,

LCB- Should be the bigger CB who can provide run support more effectively and I want bump and run corners (70% of the time, gotta mix it up) so the ideal CB over here should be about 6-1, 200. Brian Jackson would be the LCB on my defense. He can come up and provide nice run support. My CB's would take in inside stance on the receivers and get a jam at the line. Pretty much turn it into a grudge match at the line and hopefully take 2 seconds getting off the line and getting up to speed (to allow my pass rush to get there). Its pretty simple really. This corner would man up with the inner most wide receiver to the right side of the offensive formation. Not a TE or RB who jumps in the slot but any receiver. The backup LCB would be Jamell Fleming with Gabe Lynn the heir apparent(redshirting). Jordan Finch could get mopup duty. Fro the 2010 class the guys who would slot in here (or RCB) would be Joe Powell and Aaron Colvin.

RCB- Should be good sized in my scheme and preferably quicker/faster than the LCB for those instances where he blitzes on the blindside. Ideally 6-0, 190. Dom Franks could man this spot in my defense. This guy would have same role as LCB but on the opposite side. He would take inside position and be counted on to jam the receiver at the line. He could cover the inner most receiver to the leftside of the formation. The backups here would be Jonathan Nelson, Marcus Trice, and DeMontre Hurst. Trey Franks would compete here when he arrives next year as well.

SS - This would be a valuable spot in today's college football. With so many 3 WR sets this guy could get alot of perimeter coverage duty in my defense. He needs to take inside stance and use sideline as help defense. In a 3 WR set this guy would take the outer receiver to the side with 2 WR's so the FS would also shade to that side a bit so this guy also would know he has over the top help and help to the outside (sidelines) so he needs to herd the receivers to the outside  by taking physical inside stance. Sam Proctor would man this spot based on our current players. Kevin Brent would really challenge for this spot in the spring based on what I have seen of Brent. Lamar Harris as well. Zack Montana would get the mopup time. This guy would remain on the field but would move to the right (defensive right) outside spot against 4 WR sets. Eddrick Loften (2010 verbal) would be slotted here.

FS - This guy would play Centerfield in my scheme. He would offer over the top help to all the covermen and once that ball crosses the line of scrimmage on run plays he would attack and clean up. Quinton Carter gets the nod here. He displays nice athleticism but not sure he has displayed the right football IQ. This guy needs to read the QB and get sideline to sideline to help over the top. That would be priority #1. The backup here would be Jonathan Nelson and Emmanuel Jones with Desmond Jackson having academic issues and Javon Harris redshirting. Derrick Bradley could get duty in mop-up times. Quentin Hayes would be groomed here when he arrives next season. 

Snap count:

LCB: Jackson 90%, Fleming 10%- mopup Finch

RCB: Franks 90%, Nelson 10%- mopup Trice and Hurst (should have redshirted at least one of these 2!!!)

SS: Proctor 85%, LHarris 10%, Nelson 5%- mopup Montana

FS: Carter 85%, Nelson 10%, Jones 5% - mopup Bradley

Well, that is how my starting defense would look. 3 WR sets or less this would be the look we would throw out there on 1st and anything, 2nd and anything less than 18, or 3rd and less than 6 if the opposition stays in a 3 WR set or less.

Now obviously if we play a team like Georgia Tech we would play more zone and less man but against todays pass friendly offenses I like the idea of disrupting timing with physical, aggressive coverage schemes.

Will add the various other defenses in comments below soon....

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Attacking Miami

Miami looked fast and tough on defense against Georgia Tech. They struggled against the pass against Florida State. It was hard to get a real read on their defense through two games. We all knew Georgia Tech didnt throw very well but they sure could run it and Miami totally ate it up. Perhaps Miami was back...

Then came Virginia Tech. The Hokies only attempted 9 passes all game yet they were able to run seemingly at will in their dominant win over the 'Canes. 292 rushing yards in total despite no help over the top for the corners. So they were crowding the line essentially but still couldnt stop the VT offense. It appeared to me that alot of the success was off tackle as I have mentioned in the past week or so as something I felt could gash Miami.

This sets up many options in how to attack Miami. Miami is surely gonna preach run defense correction all week long and put extra reps into plugging the holes. Therefore I am coming out slingin it. Remember all the success Florida State had throwing slants and crossing routes and curls to the sidelines. Yep, that is where I would start the attack. Get those Lb's and S's worried about their responsibilities against the pass.

Play 1- I would come out in a power running set. 2 WR's out near sidelines. (Broyles, Caleb) Mensik at RTE, Eldridge like an H-back to the blindside, fake toss to Murray left and hit Eldridge on 10 yard curl. It will present a power look for the run and the play action should free up easy hitting pass for Brody. Now that WLB has to concern himself with the passing game.

Play 2 - No huddle, back to the line. Two TE on line. Broyles across in motion at the snap for the fake (and requiring backside contain) go off-tackle to Murray coming from behind LG behind the fake to Broyles. Huddle up.

Play 3 - Subs (Out: Mensik, Eldridge, Murray, In: Madu, Clapp, Brown). On snap Clapp flares to blindside to pick up pass rush. Try to get receivers deep Broyles down middle left, Madu deep down right sideline, Caleb slanting from right side, Brown outlet as swing pass to right side.

Play 4 - Clapp out, Kenney in. 4 WR set spread em out. Quick screen to Broyles on the right side. Quickly to the line.

Play 5- off-tackle run to Brown behind TWilliams following inside fake to the left side slot receiver (Madu) going right.

Play 6. No huddle right back to it. 4 WR. Wide left Madu, inner left Caleb, inner right Kenney, wide right Broyles, Quick hitting slant to Caleb is first option, back to Kenney would be 2nd with outer receivers running curls.

I think coming out early and being diverse in our attack and throwing quick hitting passes with a potential deep shot early is gonna make it tough to defend our offense for any team so we want to show them a glimpse of the full arsenal within the first 10 plays. I think the six plays here will put enough pressure on the back 7 to worry about pass defense assignments that it will open up the run more and give us a very balanced attack moving forward. With the fakes requiring outside contain on the receivers in motion we need to watch to see if Miami honors that. If they dont we need to gash them with one later in the game. Once we establish Miami is getting their safety's back (they havent in past two games, for most part) we hammer them on the ground. They stay up around the box and we contine to use all the weapons in the passing game to confuse their coverage. They havent played a team that can throw the ball in nearly a month.

Keys for the offense: Minimize dead ball penalties, catch the ball, spread it around, off-tackle runs.

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